About Us

Hi! We’re Sarah and Fernanda

We are two dreamers with the goal of helping your social media grow, so you can focus on the bigger picture in your business!

About Content Create Studio:

We started Content Create Studio Inc. in January 2021 to help small business owners, just like you, level up their social media to attract new clients. We do this by providing pre-made content and other social media management so you no longer have to worry about it!

Our mission is to HELP in any way that we can. Whether that’s through our Monat Content Subscription or our business tools on Etsy we are aiming to provide you with the easiest way for you to grow your business on social media.

Sarah Gavilla

Co-owner of Content Create Studio

Hi I’m Sarah – professional dancer, college senior, content creator, social media manager, and dog mom! I grew up with the drive to be an entrepreneur after watching so many of my family members thrive in their businesses. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that I decided to step out of my “ballet bubble” and try something new. For the past 15 years, I have trained to become a professional ballet dancer and have had the honor to dance with various companies such as Radio City Music Hall, Miami City Ballet, and Alabama Ballet. But, I always knew there was more to me than just being a dancer.

In 2016, I began my journey into the Social Media Marketing world. Since then, I have worked with various small business owners to provide them with pre-made content, account management, and strategic coaching for their social media accounts. Starting CCS with Fernanda was a dream come true and I’m so grateful that we have the ability to help so many business owners every day, all while doing what we love! In my free time I enjoy exploring the streets of New York City and hanging out with my dog Molly!

Fernanda Berry

Co-owner of Content Create Studio

Hi I’m Fernanda – believer, network marketer, social media content creator, social media manager, bilingual. I grew up always trying to network with everyone around me. I was either making earrings and selling them door to door or grabbing all of my Halloween candy and selling it the next day to the kids in my school. Hustling has always been a part of me and I always knew that I wanted to build my own business. Now getting to work with other like-minded business owners is very exciting, knowing that we have similar mindsets to achieve success.

I have been with my Network Marketing company for 2 years now, and through that, my passion for content creation came to life. This is what led me to build CCS with Sarah. I am very passionate about helping others create a brand for themselves and feel confident about their social media. I believe in creating an authentic brand that speaks to your audience so that your business grows organically and you have long-term customers. In my free time, I love traveling and spending time with my husband and our dog Luna. We love going hiking and going to the lake out here in Tennessee.

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