Content Info


Just like you, we are unaware of when new flash sales will be announced. But we make the promise to deliver content 2-4 hours after the flash sale drops. We design 2 different styles of content for every flash sale. Each style will have at least 4 pages of content to use on your stories including the details of the sale, an example cart and a call to action


2 styles of recruiting content get released every Monday as a template. This content has 4+ pages and is designed for you to use on your stories with a call to action.


On the first of every month, you will receive one template for each of the following that apply:

PROMOS: New promos, New trip incentives, New product packs, New OFY products

ACHIEVEMENTS: Rank ups, New MP, New VIP, Top PV, Top GV, Car Program, Free Trip, Smart Start, 1 Block

**Keep in mind that content will be replaced when new designs are released. Make sure that any design you wish to keep is saved in your Canva account by clicking on each link.