Refunds will only be issued in any case where the user has been wrongfully charged after unsubscribing. We are not responsible to refund any subscriber who has forgotten to cancel their membership. Additionally, we are not responsible to refund any subscriber who leaves their Network Marketing business. Exceptions can be made in the following scenarios:

Monthly Subscribers:

Refunds may be granted if subscriber emails our support team within 48 hours of their last charge.

Yearly Subscribers:

A half refund can be granted within 30 days of your last charge. Full refunds will only be granted if there was a proven error that occurred when attempting to cancel the subscribers account PRIOR TO their recurring payment date.

Please Note: We encourage all subscribers to contact us if they are unsure whether they have cancelled their subscription. In the case of a successful cancellation, the subscriber will receive an email from PayPal (typically within minutes) and will receive a second confirmation email from Content Create Studio within a few days. If the subscriber does not receive these confirmation emails, they should assume that their account has not been cancelled and should reach out to us via email for support or confirmation.

If you would like to request a refund, please notify us of the incorrect charge or subscription.

Email with the subject “Refund” and please provide:

  1. Your Paypal Email
  2. The date of your last payment
  3. Your reason for refund